Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Packing For A Cruise Holiday

This time next week, we'll (*Hopefully....negative PCR tests willing!) be setting sail once again for the first time since our mini cruise back in 2018.

Jon & I first fell in love with cruising when we took our first holiday together on board the Independence Of The Seas - the glitz and glamour, incredible food, wonderful entertainment and ease of travel really got us hooked and we've enjoyed several cruise holidays since.

Throughout the pandemic, there have been several cruise ships moored up in the bay near where we live. We've spent many evenings down at the beach watching them sail in and out, dreaming of the day when we could step back on board again. Although the cruise industry isn't able to sail the world as it once did just yet, we have booked on to a couple of their UK stay-cation itineraries  throughout the summer and we're so excited!

Packing for a cruise can be a little different to packing for your average holiday as there are lots of things to consider - the weather out at sea can be difficult to predict so you need to take more options and layers than you might usually, then there are formal evenings to consider as well as the more practical items like correct plug adapters which will all depend on which cruise line you're sailing with.

Here's what we'll be taking for our UK cruises this summer.


The dress code on board will differ from ship to ship, so it's always worth checking the advice for the line you're travelling with. On our Disney cruise we'll be taking mostly casual attire and plenty of Disney themed items too! Infact I've had great fun planning out our outfits to fit in with the theme of the restaurants on board.

For our Princess cruise later in the Summer though, there is at least one "Dress To Impress" evening on board where formal suits and evening gowns are recommended - I tend to purchase my evening gowns from ASOS Outlet as I've had some amazing bargains there over the years, where Jon prefers to shop for business suits for men with more specialist brands such as Suitsmen who offer high quality suits direct to your door with a handy postal exchange service on offer to take the fuss out of suit shopping.

As for the little ones, layers are key when it comes to cruise wear! It can go from being warm and toasty inside the theatres and kids clubs on board, to quite nippy on deck so take light weight jackets to keep them warm.

Personal Items

Although there are convenience shops on board, you will pay a premium price for items so be sure to remember all of your washbag essentials as well as little extras such as sanitary towels & tampons, painkillers and calpol for the little ones. 

You'll also want to capture the memories of your cruise so be sure to take a camera along too. 

Most of the cruise lines are making use of Apps for Covid-secure onboard life which means everything from ordering room service to viewing menus so you'll need to make sure you take your phone and a portable charger too.

Remember that your suitcases will be delivered to your stateroom by security and this can take a few hours after embarkation, so pack anything you need for your first evening in your carry on bags.

Practical Musts

As I mentioned above, each cruise line is different when it comes to plug sockets on board to be sure to check before you travel and take the correct adaptors with you. 

A lanyard is something that you may find very handy for carrying your room key card around with you, as this will also be used for paying for purchases in the on board stores and bars so it's something you'll need to access fairly regularly.

Although towels are provided on board for the cabins and pools, its worth taking your own beach towels so that you can easily spot your deck chairs from a distance...and don't forget the towel clips, you're at sea after all - a gust of wind in the wrong direction and your beach towel will be long gone!

If you suffer with sea sickness or haven't travelled by cruise ship before, it may be worth taking some Sea Bands or travel sickness medication with you. Don't worry too much though, as they can provide this on board if you need it.

Don't forget...

*To check the list of prohibited items before you set sail, there can sometimes be some surprising additions on there!

*To bring some small binoculars if you or your little ones like to sea-watch during your cruise

*To check the currency on board and bring some low-value notes for tipping your room attendant if you order room service

Have you ever been on a cruise holiday?

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