Saturday, 21 August 2021

My Skincare Confession!

I have a confession to make that is sure to shock you.

I don't use any skincare products. I never have.

No cleansers, toners, moisturisers, not even regular face wipes! 

The truth is, I never have. I've had the odd few weeks here and there of trying to establish a skin care routine, but it's not something I've ever been motivated to stick with - the closest thing my skin has seen to a skincare routine is a nightly soap & water wash!

For most of my life, I was fortunate enough to get away with this. I never suffered with break outs, my skin was never dry or irritated. I was very lucky with my skin!

But now I'm fast approaching 40, it feels as though my lack of routine is starting to catch up with me. I've noticed that my skin has started to become dry, dull and tired looking. I'm suffering more with irritation and flaky patches in the colder months, and my make up is starting to cling and stick in certain places...creating a cakey look that I'm really not a fan of!

So I've decided it's time to admit defeat, and commit myself to actually putting some effort in to looking after my skin. But where to start?!

Skincare seems to be somewhat of a minefield of choices, and the scientific language used on the packaging both confuses and terrifies me in equal measure! I don't have the foggiest idea what products are right for my skin...all I know is that I'd like to look a bit softer and dewier!

So when I discovered Skinstation - I felt as though my skincare prayers had been answered! Skinstation is an online store that allows users to browse and buy luxury skincare products at competitive and affordable prices, and with over 60 years combined experience in dermatology and cosmetic medicine - they seemed the ideal people to help me out!

As well as introducing a standard cleansing and moisturising routine, I was recommended the Obagi Professional C Serum - a gentle anti-ageing serum available from Pure Obagi which is said to be ideal for dry, sensitive and reactive skin. It contains a 10% concentration of L-ascorbic acid, which penetrates deep into the layers of the skin and neutralises free radicals produced from ageing and over-exposure to the sun - this helps to prevent further damage and slow down the ageing process. It also prevents water loss and works with collagen molecules to help your skin to remain plump and hydrated, which leaves it looking younger and firmer.

I've only been using the product for a short time, but I'm convinced that I can already see an improvement in my fine lines and wrinkles, and my skin feels brighter and more evenly toned too.

I'm excited to see how I feel after 6 months of usage! 

Did you change your skincare around your 40s? I'd love to hear your top skincare tips and recommendations!

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