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Your guide to choosing a great coffee table

When decorating your living space, the furniture you choose needs to do more than just fit with the aesthetic - you need to make sure that it's functional, offers good value for money and is high quality too. 
Choosing the right coffee table for your living room can make all the difference to the ambience of the room, but how do you decide on which coffee table is right for you?

I've recently discovered Yahee Store, who have a fantastic guide to buying lift-top coffee tables which you can read following this blog link - Yahee Store sell top quality furnishings at fantastic prices, including items for the home and garden as well as beauty products, pet supplies and even christmas trees!
But it was their range of coffee tables that caught my eye.

About Yaheetech 

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Here are my top tips for choosing the right coffee table for your home.

Consider The Optimum Shape For Your Space

There are numerous options available when it comes to shape so the most important thing to consider is how each one will lend itself to the overall aesthetic and functionality of the room. You may have a preference for rectangular coffee tables but if these are going to eat up all of the available floor space in the room then you might want to consider a round table instead.

My personal approach is to cut a piece of paper or card to the shape and dimensions of the tables I'm considering and place them in the room, so that I can clearly see exactly how much the table will infringe upon the available space in the room and how well it fits. 

Children in the home are also something to consider, as coffee tables with sharp corners can be tricky with little ones toddling around - if you have young children in the home or are likely to in the near future, a rounded table might be the better option to consider.

Size Matters

It's tempting to always assume that bigger is better - especially when you're using your coffee table to double up as a storage solution, but this isn't always the case.

Consider not only the available floor space in the room, but also think about your family and how they will use the table - is a larger table likely to attract a lot of clutter? If so, perhaps a smaller one will be easier to keep styled to your taste without becoming a dumping ground for the family. I know this would certainly be an issue I'd be considering for my own family!

Do You Need Storage Space?

A coffee table that doubles up as a storage solution is ideal for those who need a little extra space to store things like throws, magazines or books. You could even use it to store things like slippers or reading glasses, TV remote controls and so on - the sorts of things that cause cluttered surfaces and floor space within living rooms.

However if you don't really need the storage space, then going for a coffee table without will be your better option as these can give a less bulky look.

What Will It Be Primarily Used For?

Will you be using your coffee table to display decorative trinkets? Will you be fanning out stylish magazines and coffee table books for your visitors? Or will you be more likely to keep it functional and use it for drink placement and for putting your feet up on?

All of these things should be considered when choosing the material and finish of your table - solid wood and fabric finish tables in particular are harder to clean and look after.

I hope that this advice is useful and that you're able to find the perfect coffee table for your needs.

You can find out more at  https://yaheestore.co.uk/

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