Wednesday, 27 October 2021

5 Tips and Tricks for Solo Travellers

Travelling solo can be a life-changing experience. It can allow you to experience the traditions, history and culture of another country whilst also finding out more about yourself in the process. But before you jet off to your dream destination, there are several factors you need to consider beforehand. Continue reading to familiarise yourself with a number of handytips and tricks for solo travellers.


1.      Learn the local language


Even if you are only expecting your trip to last a couple of days, it can benefit you to learn the local language ahead of time. This may sound daunting, but a couple of everyday phrases can streamline your entire trip from start to finish. For example, learning how to greet people can allow you to strike up a conversation with local residents and find out everything you need to know about the country you are visiting. There are several different ways to learn the local language, but most solo travellers opt for a virtual or in-person language course or series of classes in the months leading up to their trip.


2.      Prioritise safety and security


As a solo traveller, safety and security should be at the forefront of your mind throughout the duration of your trip. This includes letting a friend or family member know where you are at all times, not straying from typical tourist routes and destinations, organising travel insurance from a top-rated provider, such as Staysure, and even informing the embassy. When it comes to travelling solo, safety and security are key.


3.      Research accommodation


When it comes to travelling solo, you must research where you intend to stay ahead of time. The option you choose depends on your budget, lifestyle, and personal preference. For example, if you are looking for suitable accommodation but are low on funds, it may benefit you to research shared accommodation or hostels in the local area. This can also be a great way to meet fellow solo travellers and ensure you have a friendly face to talk to or even accompany for the day if you are feeling a little lonely throughout the course of your trip.


4.      Take photos


As a solo traveller, it can be tempting to live in the moment. But if this is your first solo trip or you are visiting a destination that has been on your travel bucket list for some time, you will want to remember it for as long as you can. This is why you must take as many photos as possible during your trip or ask fellow travellers to take photos of you as you visit a number of world-class tourist destinations. By doing so, you can make more than memories and always be reminded of a time when you took the plunge and successfully completed a solo trip.


5.      Join a walking tour


If this is your first time visiting a particular country, a walking tour can be a great way to experience its sights and sounds on foot. In addition, it can also allow you to make friends who may be in the same position as you are and looking for a friendly face to chat to or relate to. It may be a little more expensive than going solo but by doing so, you can benefit from an extra layer of safety and security as well as the knowledge and experience of a local expert.


If you are in the process of planning a solo trip, there are several tips and tricks you should know. For example, it may benefit you to learn the local language, prioritise safety and security, research accommodation, take photos, and join a walking tour.

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