Monday, 25 October 2021

Best 2 hiking trips in Europe

  1. The GR20 trek in Corsica

If you’re looking for a true adventure, try hiking in Corsica. This island in the Mediterranean sea used to be a province of France.  On Corsica, you may find that the route is referred to as Fra li Monte, which means “across the mountains”. 

Be aware; this hike is not for the faint of heart. It is actually known to be one of the most difficult of the GR hikes.The trail is 180 km long, and has an elevation gain of 12,000 metres (!). Most people complete the trail in 15 days, but it is also possible to split it up in two stages: north and south. The route does not only consist of regular hiking paths, you will also need to climb some ladders and occasionally pull yourself up with chains and ropes that lay along the mountain ridge. 

The best periods to do this are late June or early September. In this period, the weather is still cool and all the mountain huts are open. If you go earlier, you might encounter closed trails as there tends to be lots of snow in this period. 

During your trek, you will stay in typical mountain huts. These simple huts offer dormitories for you to sleep in, and can house between 25 and 50 people. between June and October, families will man the hut and cook a simple meal for you. If you’re going outside this period, the huts are still open, but there will be no food available, as the families are not there.

Note: this hike is not child friendly. Do this hike with your partner, friends or family, but refrain from bringing children or dogs. 

  1. Tour du Mont Blanc in France, Switzerland and Italy 

The Tour du Mont Blanc is undoubtedly the most famous hike in Europe. This trail is 170 km long and is stretched over three countries: France, Switzerland and Italy. There is over 10 km to ascend and descend, so it is not an easy trail. However, it can be completed by anyone in good condition. 

The entire trail can be completed in 7 to 11 days, depending on your physical condition. You can also choose to do a shorter hike. You will see a small part of the trail, nevertheless you will enjoy the most breathtaking views of the mountain peaks and valleys below. If you’re wondering about the Tour du Mont Blanc difficulty, it’s best to read the blog to educate yourself and determine if hiking this trail is for you.  

Because this route is so high, the season to hike this trail is shorter than the GR20. Best times are the summer months; July and August. If you travel outside of this season, the mountain huts are closed. If you want a more luxurious or private option to stay, you can descend and stay in private hotels in the mountain villages. 


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