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How to Spend £1 Million

Have you ever dreamed about what you would do if you won £1 million on a lottery? For many of us, the thought of winning a million would be a dream come true – and for a small number of lucky lottery winners, this is a reality! Indeed, it doesn’t matter how you play the lottery; whether you play online through Lottoland, traditionally with a ticket from the corner shop, or as part of a syndicate, there’s the possibility you could find yourself with a sudden, unexpected windfall – and this could represent massive opportunities for you! As such, today, we’ll be taking a look at some great ideas for how to spend £1 million, so you might be able to find some ideas about what you might do if you were ever so lucky!

How to Spend £1 Million

Have you ever wondered how you would spend£1 million if you were lucky enough to win this seemingly staggering sum of money? This might seem like an impossible thought, but thousands of millionaires have been made by the National Lottery alone – so there’s definitely the possibility. Nevertheless, as Lottoland explains, “coming into a lot of money can sometimes be bittersweet.” As such, it’s definitely worth thinking about this to help you decide what you might dream of spending your winnings on – and this is something that we can help with!

#1 Properties

One of the most common things that people will buy after winning a million will be a house – be it paying off their existing mortgage or buying a new home outright. Whatever the case might be for you, buying a house outright instead of paying interest on a mortgage can save a substantial sum of money, so this is definitely an investment that might pay out long term – as well as providing you with superior stability.

#2 Cars

Another common investment many people make right after winning the lottery or coming into a substantial sum of money is to buy a brand new, shiny car – but you should be aware here that your brand new car will likely be a poor investment choice. Indeed, buying a brand new car will actually leave you losing out, as most brand new cars depreciate in value very quickly – so, before paying out for a new car, make sure you’re choosing one you know you’ll want to keep for the long-term perspective!

#3 Land

Generally speaking, land is often considered a pretty safe investment, and this is actually one of the methods that many of the ultra-rich use to bypass inheritance taxes for their heirs! If you’ve ever dreamed of buying land, then it could be a good option to consider if you come into a large sum of money – but just be sure you’ll be able to afford to keep the land in good condition if you do so!

#4 Go on Holiday

There’s more to life than materialistic possessions; in fact, for many of us, we often cherish our experiences and memories much more than a shiny new gadget or the like. As such, if you have just won the lottery and you’re not sure about how to invest your money, why not consider the vacation of a lifetime? You’ll get the chance to enjoy some much deserved time off and have a truly unforgettable experience with all of the most important people in your life!

#5 Hold Some Back

When you win millions, it can be incredibly tempting to spend it all in one go – but this can leave you with few or no savings left. As such, for many people, a better option might be to spend part of your winnings, but keep some of the rest back as a very generous nest egg. This can help ensure that you have plenty of savings to tide you over if things should go wrong, or can make an excellent holiday fund or the like. As such, it’s worth not spending all of your lottery winnings in one go – sitting back can definitely have its benefits.

Don’t Go Crazy!

Winning a million can seem like a life changing amount of money – but in many cases, a million may not actually be as substantial as it seems. To this end, always be cautious before blowing all of your money; indeed, it can seem to disappear quickly, so it’s always an important tip to keep a close eye on where your money is going if you’re looking to make some purchases with your recent windfall.


We all dream of winning the lottery, but if you were lucky enough to win big, you might then find yourself at a loss for what to do! Hopefully, today’s article will have given you some ideas and inspiration for how to spend £1 million, so you’ll know just what to invest in if you ever should be so lucky.

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