Monday, 1 November 2021

How to maximise storage in your home

Storage can help you stay more organised at home. You need enough storage for all of your belongings – from seasonal decorations to spare linen. If you are buying a new property, you should always look at the amount of storage. Consider whether you can add more storage easily or if the loft is accessible.


In your current property, you need to make sure you are utilising the storage space available. All too often, our storage cupboards are filled with miscellaneous items that we don’t even need.


Here are a few ways to organise and maximise the storage in your home.




First up, you need to remove anything you do not need or use. Many people tend to store old clothing, decorations, and household appliances in their storage space. If you haven’t used something in a year, you should get rid of it. You can donate, sell or bin your items, depending on their condition.


It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you have. Decluttering your space can help to reduce stress and improve your wellbeing. A tidy home is a happier home.


Declutter one space at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed. You could target under your bed first and then move to your wardrobe, loft and cupboard space. Take your time and try to organise as you go.


Analyse the space


You should consider custom-built storage for some of the more awkward areas in your property. You may have an awkward space under the stairs or in the corner of your spare bedroom. You can have floor to ceiling storage in the entire corner, without any annoying gaps.


Get inspired


Organisation can be fun once you get into it. Browse through Pinterest, magazines, and home décor stores for organisation ideas. You could buy a few boxes, dividers, and organisation tools to elevate your storage even further. You could start colour coding and organising every element of your space.


Hidden storage


Storage isn’t always pretty, no matter how organised you make it. You need to be able to shut the door on your shelves or wardrobe. Hidden storage under the bed or behind furniture can make a world of difference. You can incorporate storage throughout your home without having an entire cupboard designated to it.


It’s time to get decluttering so you can live in a more minimal and peaceful space.

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