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4 Creative Styling Tips for Closed-Toe Shoes

Footwear comes in all shapes and sizes, but for some people, closed-toe shoes are the cream of the crop. Yes, open-toe sandals and slippers are airy and breathable, but there’s just something so cozy about a pair of closed-toe footwear.

That said, considering the wide variety of styles available, styling closed-toe shoes can be tricky without the right guide. To help you get started, here’s a quick rundown of the perks of wearing closed-toe shoes and how you can match them to your daily ensemble.

Why Closed-Toe Shoes?

Closed footwear is a given during colder seasons. Interestingly enough, however, some individuals still prefer to have their toes hidden even during warmer months. This preference could be attributed to several factors, including:

Reason #1 — Comfort

As mentioned earlier, wearing closed-toe shoes feels cozy. You don’t need to worry about how your toes look or if your pedicure still looks good or not. Also, wearing legwear like control top sheer hosiery will help prevent blisters from forming while also highlighting the shape of your legs. Overall, it’s a win-win situation and part of the reason why people love closed-toe shoes so much.

Reason #2 — Added Protection

It’s a given fact that exposed areas of the body are more likely to get dirty or get injured. For example, wearing sandals or slippers on a busy street increases the likelihood of mud or grime getting onto your feet. While not all closed-toe shoes cover the entirety of the foot, they can still keep your toes safe from stubbing or light scratches if you hit something while on the move.

Reason #3 — Necessity

Some occasions simply require closed-toe shoes. Some offices, for example, mandate all employees to wear shoes that cover their toes. Meanwhile, wearing closed-toe shoes in green environments like hiking trails or camping sites will protect the feet from animal or insect bites.

Styling Tips for Closed-Toe Shoes

With the wide array of closed-shoe styles and designs to choose from, there are many ways that you can style and even modify the footwear to fit your specific tastes. Keep the following tips in mind while organizing your shoes or preparing your outfit for the day.

Tip #1 — Explore Different Shoe Styles

Sneakers are the go-to for many individuals. They’re no-fuss and comfortable to wear, and they match well with many different outfits. However, there are many other shoe styles out there to choose from, including ones with heels to support your arch and give a little height boost. Consider adding the following closed-toe shoes to your closet the next time you go shopping:

● Ballet shoes — They are the sandal equivalent of sneakers. Most designs cover the toes and feature a simple shape that hugs the feet snugly. They work best when paired with casual wear and could become your next go-to shoes for everyday use.

● Mules — These shoes primarily cover the front part of the foot and leave the rest uncovered. They are popular to wear in formal settings, particularly offices, for their simple style.

● Slingbacks — They are shaped like mules but provide extra support by having a flexible strap running around the heel. They’re the perfect alternative to mules if you wish to expand your office footwear options.

● French heels — Shoe styles often have varying degrees of heel height. French heels, however, stand out due to their unique heel placement. The shoe heels stand not at the end of the shoe but at the middle of the heel, which is why French heels are easier to wear.

● Espadrilles — These shoes are unique for the woven style of their sole edges. They work best in casual or beach settings.

● Loafers — Loafers suit any occasion. Depending on the design, you can wear them for daily streetwear or a more formal event like a business meeting.

● Boots — It’s crucial to have a pair of handy boots in your closet. If high-cut boots feel too much for you, go for ankle boots, which can be styled and worn with many outfits.

Bear in mind that these are only some of the shoe styles available out there. Make sure to keep an eye out for unique designs and styles. After all, you may just find your new favorite pair to wear.

Tip #2 — Match Through Color

When matching clothes, it’s easy to leave shoes as an afterthought. However, shoes can make or break an ensemble, so it’s critical to consider them.

The easiest way to match clothes and shoes is through color. Here are some pointers for picking the right colors for your closed-toe shoes:

Use the Same Hue Throughout

One of the easiest ways to match colors is to wear items that have a similar hue. People commonly add a monochrome-colored piece (particularly bottoms) to add some contrast. The key to pulling this look off is to play with textures and designs. Explore your options and keep contrast in mind when putting everything together.

Stick to a Color Palette

If you like more colors, keep your color palette to at most two colors of varying shades. Distribute the colors throughout and avoid having two items of similar colors next to each other. For example, if your closed-toe loafers are white, change the color of your bottoms to the other color of a darker shade.

Tip #3 — Wear with Hosiery

People often overlook hosiery when styling, which is a pity because hosiery has so much to offer. They can significantly elevate any look, making your outfits appear classier and more elegant.

Some of the hosieries you can check out are:

● Control top hosiery — also works as shapewear to accentuate your legs

● Sheer hosiery — shows off your skin while keeping your legs warm; also adds a tanned or brush-on effect

● Semi-opaque/Opaque hosiery — darker shade; made of thicker material

● Printed hosiery — offers quirky designs, which can work well as a statement piece

● Seamed hosiery — has a seam on the back; common among delicate, intricate pieces in luxury brands

● Lace/Fishnet hosiery — has a lot of personality; gives a feminine/sexy appeal to its wearer

There are many ways to play with the colors and textures of hosiery when using closed-toe footwear. One of the more popular methods is to wear black opaque hosiery with black high-heeled pumps or stilettos, which makes the legs look significantly longer.

Tip #4 — Alter the Accessories or Material

Aside from matching the shoes with other items, you can also alter the accessories and even the materials of the shoe itself. Some of the things you can do include:

● Changing the colors of your sneakers’ shoelaces

● Putting a faux fur add-on at the top hem of your boots

● Personalizing a pair of white sneakers by drawing on them

● Adding a pin or a brooch to up the class of your closed-toe heels

When it comes to modifying your closed-toe shoes, the sky’s the limit. If you’re just starting, try your methods first on a couple of old shoes before moving on to the pair you wish to alter.

Indeed, there are many elements to play with when it comes to styling closed-toe shoes. From exploring different types of shoes or putting on hosiery to elevate the look, there are countless things that you can do. The main takeaway, however, is to go outside the box—even when it comes to the tips listed here—and have fun mixing and matching different designs and textures. In this manner, you can rock a pair of closed-toe shoes that make you truly feel like you’re showing off your own unique sense of fashion.

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