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How to Make Your Relationship More Exciting

How to Make Your Relationship More Exciting

Whether you have been with your partner for a long time or you have only been dating for a short while, it is easy for a relationship to quickly turn stale. To feel the same excitement you felt when you first got into a relationship, you need to take steps to keep the flame burning. Here are a few top tips to help keep your relationship fresh and alive.

Be Present

New relationships are thrilling and exciting—you’re completely wrapped up in the other person and are open to new and wonderful “first” experiences. Unfortunately, once the honeymoon period is over some people begin to take their other half for granted. Their awareness of their partner’s needs reduces, and they become less mindful about their relationship. No matter what stage you are at, it is essential that you are in the moment and take notice of all the small elements, just like at the start of your relationship. From asking about your partner’s day to arranging a date night revolving around an activity you know your partner will enjoy, being mindful will help you stay engaged and enjoy your relationship.

Mindful Sex 

Being mindful encourages a healthy and exciting relationship, and practicing mindful sex will enable you to appreciate your partner in ways you never thought you could. When getting intimate, try to switch off the part of your brain filled with work and everyday commitments, and focus your attention on your partner. Think about how their body feels as you explore it with your hands, lips, or tongue. Take in their reaction to your touch and respond accordingly. Taking the time to engage all of your senses can make bedroom activities much more thrilling.

Introduce Adult Toys

Being in the moment and practicing mindful sex with your partner can heighten your senses and allow you to enjoy each other’s company even more than usual. In addition, introducing adult toys to the bedroom can add an element of fun to basic, vanilla sex. There are many different types of toys to choose from, and making the choice with your partner is half the fun. From trusty vibrators to kinky cock cages, pick one that best suits your sexual relationship or create a list of “must-try” toys and make your way through it together.

Take it Out of the Bedroom 

Studies suggest that couples who have sex outside of the bedroom are more satisfied with their sex life and happier with their relationship. Venturing to new places to get frisky can get your adrenaline going and add some much-needed spontaneity to a monotonous sex life. Beginners can try getting it on in different spots around the home. Soaping each other up and getting hot and steamy in the shower can be incredibly erotic.

Take Up a New Hobby Together

Excitement in a relationship doesn’t have to equate to activities in (or out of) the bedroom. Relationships become stale when two people fall into a dull routine. To keep the spark going, try to find a common interest that you can do together regularly. Taking up a new hobby together can add substance to your relationship and give you an activity to look forward to.

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