Wednesday, 12 January 2022

My Hopes & Goals For 2022

Every year, since I started this blog 9 years ago (NINE!!!! Where does the time go?!), I have sat down in January to write a Hopes & Goals post for the new year.
Every year, that is, until last year...

Because after the absolute head f**k that was 2020 it just felt a little bit too much like jinxing things, to dare to make a list of goals for 2021!

As it turned out though, 2021 wasn't an entirely terrible year. Admittedly there was a lot of the same heartache of 2020, but there were some positives and some signs of normality on the horizon again too..

We had the introduction of vaccines...and then more vaccines with the booster roll out! Something that gave at least a glimmer of hope that we might one day be able to leave pandemic life behind us.

The borders opened up...albeit briefly to some places! Once again people started to jet off on holidays and enjoy a bit of something resembling normality.

And the year seemed to whizz by in the blink of an eye... I'm not usually one for wishing time away, but something about a pandemic just really makes me wish I could put myself into hibernation mode and ask somebody to wake me up when it's all over!

2021 was also the year that myself and my family finally caught Covid. Now although this may not seem like it should be listed as a highlight, I do consider it one...firstly because we were incredibly fortunate and experienced only the mildest of symptoms, and secondly because I was starting to feel a real sense of dread at being one of the few left not to have had it...and I really just wanted it out of the way! ( I know we could catch it again, of course...but I feel a little less anxious about it now).

As well as the above, the biggest personal highlight for my family was that we were able to enjoy some holidays. Granted we didn't feel ready to venture abroad just yet, but we made the most of the cruise industries return to sailing by enjoying a few of the special UK seacation cruises that were on offer through the us the chance to finally experience a Disney cruise, something that been on my bucket list for a long time!

So with 2021 behind us, we find ourselves moving into the third year of the pandemic...and although I feel slightly nervous about what 2022 may have in store for us, I also feel a sense of optimism that maybe, just maybe, things might start to look up.

So I am going to tentatively set out just a few little personal goals and hopes for the year ahead...


To be honest, if this is the ONLY thing I manage to cross off the list this year - then I will be happy enough. 
 We originally booked our long-wished-for trip to Florida for 2020, but the pandemic dashed any hope of it happening.

We originally rescheduled for September 2021, feeling hopeful that surely the borders would be open by then - sadly we were proven wrong.

So, never ones to be defeated, we re-booked again for this things currently stand I feel cautiously optimistic, dare I say it I even feel a bit excited! I am SO hoping that 2022 is the year we finally make it on this holiday of a life time...we are all so geared up for it!

2) Pass My Driving Test

I started taking driving lessons when I was 17 years old. I am now 40...and although I have gone through 4 or 5 different instructors, and had quite a lot of lessons...I have never managed to overcome my anxiety enough to actually get to the point of taking my test, let alone passing it!

So I am determined that 2022 is going to be the year. 

I would really like to be able to get a little car so that I can take the kids out for ice cream on my own, nip to visit a friend without needing a lift or even just drive myself down to the seafront for a coffee in peace when it all gets too much - I feel like it would be a game changer and I really want to make the effort to get it done!

3) Have Some UK Mini Breaks

Our favourite thing to do as a family is explore new places and it's something we've missed a lot during the pandemic. I had hoped to be able to visit a few UK towns and cities last year but we just didn't manage it (although we did revisit some existing favourites like Newquay) , so hopefully this year a couple of short breaks to new places will be on the cards.

4) Learn To Play Piano

This has been an ambition of mine since my childhood but something I've just never prioritised. I spend far too much time scrolling on my phone, so I think I could replace that time with something much more productive - piano lessons! I'm not sure yet exactly how I'll go about it - whether I'll take up traditional lessons or try to self-teach - but the first step is to buy a piano, and I hope to do that very soon!

5) Get A Tattoo

I've wanted a small tattoo for a while. I have the designed picked out. I originally wanted to get it done on my 40th birthday but I couldn't get an appointment, but this year...I am determined...I shall be inked!

6) Have An Adults Only Break With Jon...and maybe a friend!

That makes it sound a bit like a "Rita, Sue and Bob too" situation doesn't it?! That's not what I mean, honestly! What do you take me for?!

What I mean is...last year Jon and I were able to have a few days away from it all, without the kids, on an adults only mini cruise and it was GLORIOUS. I came home feeling so rested, so relaxed and promising myself that I would make sure we got to have a grown-ups only break once a year from now I want to make sure I stick to that promise.

I would also like to have a separate girls-only break with a friend if possible...I had a lovely couple of nights in London with my friend Abi just before the pandemic, and it would be fun to do something like that again...I think having time to just be yourself without Mum-duty once in a while is really beneficial, so to my friends Abi and Mel...I'm looking at you both! Let's get something in the diary!

What are your hopes and goals for 2021? I'd love to hear them!

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