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Dive into Southampton: 8 Unmissable Activities

Southampton is a pinnacle of British nautical history. It was the birthplace of RMS Titanic’s fateful maiden voyage, a major embarkation point for D-Day and was a victim to numerous raids throughout the Middle Ages. 

From the city’s impressive fortified walls to its host of fun and family-friendly activities, Southampton offers a memorable adventure for young and old alike. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or lover of history, you won’t leave disappointed. 

Are you ready to dive into Southampton? Here are 8 unmissable activities for the whole family to enjoy:

Walk the city walls

Southampton has a long and often brutal history dating all the way back to the Stone Age, and one of the most in-tact remnants of the city’s past is its impressive fortified walls. If they could talk, you would get transported back to a time of trade, pilgrimage, raids, pillaging and copious amounts of wine and wool. 

Today they are considered one of the best-preserved examples of medieval walls in England, and guess what? You get to walk around them and discover secrets of the past from the safety of the modern-day. Whether you fly solo or take a guided tour, walking the city’s walls is a true privilege and an unforgettable experience. 

While exploring the walls, make sure you stop at Bargate - the impressive north entrance to the medieval quarter of Southampton. 

Exciting Escapes

Speaking of unforgettable experiences, Southampton’s fully immersive escape room, Exciting Escapes, should be high up on your list. An adventure like no other, you get transported back through time to an era of your choosing. 

From the 1940s WWII story ‘Silence is Virtue’ to going interstellar in ‘Spies in Space,’ you and your team will need to discover clues, crack codes and unlock the mystery, all within 60 minutes before making your escape. 

What’s more, you can get fully into character and play in costume or raid the wardrobe after your game briefing with the Games Master. Not sure what that means? Well, head on down to Exciting Escapes and find out for yourself! Trust us - you won’t regret it!

SeaCity Museum

Want to learn more about Southampton’s remarkable past? Well, explore SeaCity Museum’s fascinating and engaging interactive displays commemorating the city’s historical connections and bringing the Titanic story to life like never before. 

While there, discover fascinating facts about the city from the perspective of the men and women who lived there throughout the ages. From the ‘Gateway to the World’ exhibit to ‘Southampton Stories,’ you get a real sense of the people, trade and innovation that helped shape the city into what we see today. 

Tudor House and Garden

Nestled in the heart of Old Town, you will discover Tudor House - Southampton’s most important historic building. With over 800 years of history under one roof, the timber-framed building is a fine example of the Tudor age, which gives a unique and atmospheric look into the lives and times of the residents who resided there and of course, the city itself. 

While visiting, make sure you pop over to King John’s Palace, which dates back to the Norman conquest. 

With a host of family-friendly activities on offer throughout the year, a series of interactive and fascinating displays, Tudor House is a winning combination of historical intrigue and unbeatable fun!

Steamship Shieldhall

Perhaps one of the finest examples of British maritime history around today, Steamship Shieldhall is the largest working steamship in the UK. A member of the National Historic Fleet, she serves as a tribute to the golden age of steam. 

Onboard, you can step into the impressive engine room and witness the original steam engines at work. Then, wander along the bridge and feel inspired by the feat of engineering made all the more special with its traditional instruments and gleaming brasswork on display. 

As you talk to the knowledgable Captain and crew, admire the ship’s steam-assisted steering gear - not dissimilar from the one found on the Titanic - as you take in the sights of the breathtaking Solent and Southampton Water. Dreamy. 

Solent Sky Museum

While Southampton is often associated with its exploits at sea, the city is also the birthplace of the iconic Spitfire. 

Solent Sky Museum is a celebration of all things aviation and, in particular, the groundbreaking work of the engineers and innovators that birthed the plane that helped change the course of WWII. 

What’s more, between 1910 and 1960, Southampton was recognised as a world leader for aviation research and development. Over 26 aircraft manufacturers made their home in the area and built everything from spacecraft to biplanes. 

Solent Sky tells their story through a series of displays from the golden age of aviation. 

St Mary’s Stadium

For all the lovers of the game, make sure you experience Southampton’s finest premier league team at their home stadium St Mary’s. 

Whether you’ve come to witness football history unfold, are celebrating your friends getting married or are enjoying one of the latest conferences at the venue, this is hands down one of Southampton’s best sporting gems not to be missed. 

Mayflower Theatre

The Mayflower Theatre is the biggest theatre on the south coast. Bringing a diverse range of shows, including panto to world-class comedians, there’s something for everyone at Southampton’s premier entertainment venue to enjoy. 

Whether you want to kick back and relive your youth with the Queen Extravaganza, get swept up in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime or experience RuPaul’s Drag Race in the flesh, you can expect great things from the Mayflower’s exceptional events calendar. 

One thing’s for sure, from Jimmy Carr to the Birmingham Royal Ballet, there’s never a dull day (or evening) at the mayflower.

Southampton is the south of England’s destination city. No matter what stage of life you are at, whether you’re an avid historian or like to get caught up in adventure, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this diverse corner of the UK. Did any of our unkissable activities make your must-see list? 

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