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Ranked: The Most Privileged Nations in The World

Fortunes and quality of life are impacted heavily by where in the world you live, with some countries considerably more privileged than others. Those who can afford to do so, are increasingly looking to make strategic moves and relocate in order to reap the benefits of the best of these nations.

To determine which countries are the most privileged, researchers recently looked at 19 influencing factors in a study to find the luckiest people in the world. Focusing on the 37 member states of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, as well as Argentina, Bulgaria, Brazil, India, Russia, Singapore, and South Africa, it uncovered some interesting results - so if you’ve been planning to relocate yourself this year, then take note.

These four major factors were investigated for this study to find the world's most privileged nations:

● Career opportunities

● Liberty and life satisfaction

● Safety and health

● Financial stability

Top 3 Most privileged nations around the world

1. Switzerland

In terms of liberty and overall life satisfaction, Switzerland scored an impressive 97.96 points, with safety and health coming in only slightly lower at 96.3 points. With a higher number of millionaires by adult population than any other country, Switzerland has long been recognised as one of the world’s wealthiest nations, and today, it remains a front-runner in terms of personal finance, scoring the maximum of 100 points in this area of the study.

But it’s not just money that sets this mountainous nation apart from the crowd, with its population also enjoying some excellent opportunities when it comes to career and education.

2. Iceland

Scoring highly in each of the four main factors considered by researchers, Iceland offers great career opportunities with a cool 93.81 points out of a total of 100. For liberty and life satisfaction it scores 94.17 points, while safety and health sits at 91.33 - with finance coming in at a slightly lower but still highly respectable score of 72.49 points. All things considered, it scored 91.49 out of 100. A breath-taking scenic nation that is home to huge glaciers and show-stopping volcanoes, the Icelandic population are certainly well placed when it comes to natural beauty - but they are also the second most privileged group of citizens in the world. Overall - the only thing you might have to compromise in Iceland is sunshine.

3. Norway

With lower rates of unemployment and income inequality, plus high social mobility, Norway is another nation scoring well in the study. It came in at the top of the leaderboard in terms of career opportunities and in third place overall. Perhaps most notably of all, though, was the fact that it also scored an incredible 100 out of 100 for liberty and life satisfaction, with safety and health coming in at 97.34. So, what was it that let it down in the end? Finance - where it scored just 47.11 - giving it a final score of 89.39 out of 100 when all factors are considered.

So these are the top three most privileged countries. This study was conducted by ABCD Agency to evaluate the most

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