Thursday, 10 March 2022

Design tips for your home when on a budget

Every so often, the rooms in our homes become a little tired and need a refresh. But with the rising cost of living, it’s hard to find the money to do it. So, what do you do when your finances don’t match your aspirations for your interiors? Well, a low budget doesn’t need to mean small changes. With the right approach and a few clever design tips, you can give your home a thorough makeover.

Revamping the kitchen

When you’re revamping a kitchen on a budget, it’s important to be realistic. Replacing all the units, appliances and tiles is an expensive job and often needs skilled trades like a professional plumber or electrician. So, focus your budget where it matters. Replacing kitchen cupboard doors is easy to do yourself with just a screwdriver. All you need to do is measure the doors and buy new ones in the same size. So, you’ll have a new-looking kitchen for a fraction of the cost of a completely new kitchen.

If money is really tight, then you could opt for a few coats of kitchen cupboard paint and new door handles. Most paint brands now have specialist paint ranges that work on wood, MDF and laminate doors without needing a separate primer – making it a really budget-friendly option.

Tiles looking a bit dated? These can be painted over too, with the right paint. And the grouting can be revived with a simple grout pen. Floors are also expensive to replace, but level floors can easily be covered with affordable vinyl or perked up with a practical, machine-washable rug.

Refreshing the bathroom

The bathroom can be almost as costly as a kitchen to rip out and replace. But don’t worry, there are tricks you can use to refresh this room too.

If you’ve only got a small budget to spend, then replace the taps, showerhead, bath panel and toilet seat. These will instantly update a tired but functional suite. Of course, you may still want to tackle the walls and floors.

Wallpapering in the bathroom may seem like an odd thing to do, but it’s something that’s growing in popularity for good reason. It adds instant vibrancy for little cost. You’ll need to make sure it’s suitable for bathrooms. So, use a moisture-resistant vinyl wallpaper and strong adhesive. And avoid using it directly on bath and shower areas. Other than that, it’s no different to wallpapering any other room.

What about the floor tiles? Well, fear not as there’s a design trick you can use here too. All you need is a floor tile stencil, a roller and paint. Ready-made stencils are available in DIY stores and online, so it’s really simple to do. Clean and prime the surface first and then finish with a varnish to make it nice and durable.

The easiest and most low-cost updates you can make to your bathroom are no less worthwhile. Adding moisture-loving plants, storage baskets to hide clutter, and a new bath mat are simple but very effective improvements too.

Up-styling the lounge

Last but not least, let’s take a look at how to get the lounge looking fab again. It’s easy to think that this isn’t typically expensive to refurb, but new carpets and sofas are unavoidably pricey and are often the things we notice most. So, what can we do on a budget?

A simple up-style of your lounge makes the most sense, to keep costs reasonable. But you don’t need to compromise on how it looks. Panelling on your longest wall creates an eye-catching feature for very little money. This look can be easily achieved with simple strips of MDF attached with strong adhesive and painted over in a modern, on-trend colour.

Windows can be reinvigorated with new coverings. Slatted wood blinds are an affordable way to mimic the look of shutters and switching a plastic curtain track for a wood or metal curtain pole adds sophistication to curtains. And you can easily adapt your existing curtains with a pack of hoop and hook rings.

If your sofa is looking a bit tired, try covering it with a universally-sized stretchy cover or get the upholstery professionally cleaned and restyle it with new cushions and throws. Finally, a new rug is a classic tip for up-styling your floor on a budget. Measure the central area of your lounge first and find one that fills that area to make the biggest impact.

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