Monday, 6 June 2022

How To Avoid Losing Your Luggage On Holiday

We have a big, long-awaited family holiday to the USA coming up later this year and as it's a long trip - I've been putting away clothes and bits & bobs for YEARS in preparation for it, so naturally one of my biggest fears is...what happens if we lose our luggage?!

The thought of a lost suitcase is never something that any of us enjoy the thought of, but having put so much time, energy and money into preparing for this holiday - the thought of all of that effort disappearing thanks to a misplaced bag at the airport really does keep me awake at night!

Luckily for me, I have been introduced to a very nifty little device which might just save the day. 

The All Round Finder from PAJ GPS - a handy GPS tracking device that can be used to track and locate lost luggage.

The All Round Finder operates using a SIM card, which - once placed into your luggage - can then be tracked via the online GPS tracking system or the PAJ GPS app. The device is so easy to use as there is no set up required - the SIM card is already installed and ready to go when you purchase. 

The device is the size of a smart phone, lightweight and splash-proof so it would also be ideal for using as trackable protection for a car, bike or even a handbag.  The device is programmed to send an alert whenever its shaken or moved, and its battery lasts up to an impressive 20 days when tracking.

The device is not only ideal for helping to solve the mystery of a bag lost by the airline by enabling you track the journey and, most likely, identify its current location...but it could also be used in other ways too.

1) Finding Misplaced Luggage

When you're trying to manage 3 children, numerous suitcases and lots of paperwork en route to the airport it can be a real the chances of accidentally leaving a suitcase on a bus or in a taxi, or even just misplacing it within the airport is pretty high. Once we accidentally left a suitcase in the boot of a taxi and had a real nightmare trying to get it back!

The GPS tracking device enables you to locate the lost item right away, increasing your chances of being able to get it back again instead of being unsure exactly where you left it.

2) Theft Protection

As well as protecting you from losing or misplacing luggage, the device can also be used as an anti-theft aid. When placed in your luggage inside your hotel room, you can use it to alert you if anyone should tamper with your bags while you're out and about on holiday. Ideal!

The All Round Finder is such a handy device that is going to bring me a lot of peace of mind on our upcoming holiday, as I'm excited to think of other ways I can use it too.

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