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Please Your Spouse with a Brand New Bedroom Chest!

Surprising your loved ones, especially your significant other, with gifts can brighten up their day. You can surprise your spouse with a romantic getaway, a dinner, or simply a new piece of furniture! Sometimes, even doing the house’s chores, such as washing the dishes and doing the laundry, can be enough to please your significant other. However, nothing beats the charm of giving your bedroom a classical look with a brand new chest of drawers. But we know very well that finding chests for bedrooms isn’t easy since you can find them in a variety of styles, designs, and manufacturers. So, we have compiled a list of factors that you can consider investing in furniture items such as chests to impress your spouse.

Things to Consider to Buy a Chest for Your Bedroom

Although the list of factors for consideration can be very long, we have highlighted the ones that we think are enough to help start looking. Make sure you read all factors carefully and use them as pointers to come across the right set of chests for bedrooms. So, here goes!


Functionality is one of the most useful things to consider when searching for a chest to include in your bedroom. Chests are multi-purpose furniture items that can actually replace a lot of other furniture items. Instead of having multiple sideboards and other storage options, you can simply opt for a high storage chest of drawers.

It will allow you to store many items, mostly related to your bedroom. However, the functionality mustn’t stop there! Find a range of chests that works well with nearly any part of the house, such as the living room, dining room, or bedroom. This highlights the versatility and diverse functionality of a dresser.


What type of chest style you also choose matters because your furniture piece will be noticeable in your bedroom, especially if you’re a minimalist decorator. Since you’re purchasing the chest of drawers to impress your spouse, make sure you buy one that reflects their personality and character. You will come across countless styles, including:

● French, Shaker

● Art Deco

● Painted Finish

● Asian

● Industrial

● Traditional

● Contemporary

When you visit an online or physical shop, you will find a greater variety. Therefore, make sure you choose a chest style that you know will be dear to your spouse.


The height of the chest of drawers can be a deal-breaker for the entire bedroom’s interior décor. Why is that? Well, let’s find out! There are tall chests and low chests. Tall chests are high and usually not as broad. Still, they consist of as many as nine drawers, which means you can store personal and other things without making a mess.

On the other hand, a low chest is useful when you want to store only useful and important personal things in the bedroom while leaving an adequate wall in the space. Leaving enough wall space can be a minimalist’s approach to making a décor statement for their bedroom. Regardless, a low chest will allow you to hang paintings and other forms of artwork.

Try to compare chests from multiple brands using the factors given above to find the right one for your bedroom. It’s best to include other factors such as size, color, and cost in finding the perfect chest of drawers to impress your spouse. Don’t forget to decorate it with eye-catching antiquities or perhaps, a memorable picture of you and your spouse.

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