Tuesday, 12 July 2022

The Ultimate Parenting Hacks On Tik Tok

With the summer holidays on the Horizon, parents across the country are looking for ways to make life run that little bit smoother when you've got the brood in tow!

A new study by gifts retailer Menkind crunched the numbers from over 10k parenting posts on popular platform Tik Tok to reveal the most popular hacks from TikTok parents – just in time for the holidays!

Here's a look at the most popular!


You can find more information about the hacks here.

The findings certainly show some interesting results...for example, Dad hacks were twice as popular on TikTok as general parenting hacks and foodie hacks were played more than 14 million times more than any other type of hack! Safety hacks are also popular.

Sleep-deprived dads will also be interested in learning that the most popular dad hack involves a technique that will help them catch up on lost hours of sleep and has caught the attention of TikTok parents worldwide with over 54 million plays.

I have to admit that Tik Tok hacks have taught me lots of things that I didn't know, including a recent hack I discovered on the app...for opening ice poles! Did you know that you don't need to fiddle around with scissors or risk cutting your lip trying to gnaw them open like I did throughout my childhood?! Turns out you can just snap them right in half, packaging and all! Who knew?!

If you could share one parenting hack with the world, what would it be? Or have you seen a really good parenting hack on Tik Tok that has made your life that bit easier? I'd love to know!

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