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The 5 Benefits of Hot Baths

The history of bathing is extensive and complex. The ancient Indians are responsible for the earliest known daily bathing habit. Three daily baths and washings were part of their rigorous personal hygiene routine. Many societies around the world had special, majesty baths that the royals were said to enjoy, possibly at the end of a long day.

Cut short to today, taking a hot bath is frequently appealing for us all, and for good reason. We immerse ourselves in water for personal cleanliness, recreation, and health reasons, whether in a bathtub or a natural body of water. You might find the relaxation and escape you seek in a hot tub. However, it turns out that using a hot tub may have advantages beyond just assisting with relaxation. According to a review published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, the benefits of hot baths are primarily attributed to thermotherapy, also known as passive heating, which temporarily raises core body temperature and may benefit cardiovascular health, glycemic control, and chronic low-grade inflammation. Let’s look at some of the other surprising benefits of warm water baths you probably didn’t know about.

Hot Water Bath for Soothing Sore Muscles

It has been demonstrated that stretching and moving in water have a little impact on the bones, muscles, and joints while still being quite effective at giving the body a sufficient workout through resistance. Because hot baths have been shown to relieve aches and pains, they can be especially beneficial after a workout. Aquatic exercise is perfect for senior adults at danger of falling because there is less risk of injury.

Boosting the Brain and Nervous System with a Hot Bath

The changes in blood flow are beneficial for more than simply aches and pains; they can also help your brain function more effectively. According to research, neck-depth immersion may increase brain blood flow, which may enhance mental processes like cognition and memory.

The warm water not only reduced pain but also seemed to enhance cognitive performance, presumably because of the heat expanding blood vessels and increasing blood flow to the brain. In addition to calming the neurological system and relieving pain and inflammation, being submerged in water can also improve your mood by lowering your body's stress and anxiety levels. Multiple sclerosis patients may benefit from hydrotherapy since the water's pressure and warmth gently ease pain in the spine.

Hot Water Bath for Improved Heart and Blood Health

While taking a hot bath can cause your heart to work harder than necessary, especially if you already have a heart disease, a warm bath will cause your heart to beat more quickly. Your blood vessels relax when you soak in a warm tub because the heat makes them enlarge and facilitate easier blood flow. Like the effects of exercise, this brief drop in blood pressure may have positive cardiovascular effects. By enabling you to breathe more deeply and slowly, especially while inhaling steam, a warm bath not only eases blood flow but also increases oxygenation.

Easier Breathing Facilitated by a Long Warm Bath

Your lung capacity and oxygen intake may benefit from being submerged up to your chest with your head above water. Baths also stimulate blood circulation in the face and nose, which helps to ease cold and flu symptoms by releasing congested mucus. The water's warmth and the pressure it exerts on your chest and lungs are two elements that contribute to this. Your oxygen intake may be boosted, and the steam produced by the warmer water and faster heartbeat may help to clear your sinuses and chest.

Hot Bath for Balanced Hormones

Your body temperature rises while in a warm bath, and then quickly returns to normal once you get out, encouraging the generation of melatonin and better preparing you for sleep. Adrenocorticotropic hormone, often known as ACTH, as well as other hormones like beta-endorphin and cortisol, can be better balanced with the help of a long warm bath. As an alternative, taking a warm bath can raise your levels of serotonin, the brain chemical linked to happiness and well-being.

Get the Best Out of a Warm Water Bath with a CBD Bath Bomb

A dip in the tub, especially with CBD bath bombs, is often found to be the fastest way to lift someone's spirits after a trying day. Just like CBD skincare products, a great CBD bath bomb will dissolve when it comes into contact with hot water, filling your tub with a mixture of calming salts, aromas, and natural oils that encourage relaxation while nourishing your skin.

Many people use CBD bath bombs, to add nourishing cannabinoids to their tub water for several skin advantages.

So put on some music, run the tap, light some candles and have yourself a healing hot bath.

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