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5 tips to help you keep a good babysitter

You’ve found a good babysitter which is fantastic! However, how can you keep this good babysitter? Check out this article which outlines 5 tips on how you can keep a good babysitter.

1. Paying a fair price to your babysitter

If you pay a price that is fair to the babysitter you ensure that they would want to keep on working with your family. Babysitting poaching is very possible if you pay the babysitter less than the going rate and your sitter can get a more profitable gig somewhere else. For an idea of how much to pay, check out the following article on the average babysitting rate in the UK.

In addition, if you are asking the babysitter to do some extra work such as doing some extra chores or looking after the kids for a bit longer you should give thought to paying them more. Giving tips is also a fantastic way to showcase to your babysitter that you think they are doing a terrific job.

2. Be straightforward about expectations

It is important that your babysitter is aware of the rules of your home, including what your child(ren) can eat, when their bedtime is and certain areas of your home which are off-limits. Note down simple essential information like the phone number of your paediatrician and emergency contact that is not you. Give them a layout of a schedule and routines, and an idea of how closely they should follow these routines.

If expectations or requirements change, it’s important to clearly communicate this, to avoid any misunderstandings.

3. Make their job easier – Be in the corner of your babysitter

Making their job easier and supporting them can be a great way to keep a good babysitter! There are several ways you can do this.

Make sure to ask your babysitter periodically if they need any supplies or advice to help make their job easier. Give your babysitter some tips on how to acceptably and appropriately discipline your child(ren). Additionally, you can make sure you have food or snacks for your babysitter, particularly if they are feeding your child(ren).

4. Treat your babysitter like they are part of the family

You trust your babysitter with one of the most precious things in your life, so you should in return give them your utmost respect. You have at this point most likely made sure that your babysitter is suitable enough to be a good babysitter. Although they are working for you, this particular type of childcare should not feel like a corporation that is sterile but more like a loving mutual experience. Like any member of your family looking after your child(ren), show compassion, kindness and interest in your babysitter.

5. Be mindful of your babysitter’s time

Make sure to inform your babysitter what your estimated arrival time at home is. If you might be late, call them immediately and make sure that they are able to stay. You should also pay them for the extra time. Also if you, for whatever reason, have to cancel on short notice, pay them some of their fee since they could be relying on the income or may have turned down another babysitting opportunity to be available for you. Being respectful of their time is an essential part of keeping your babysitter happy.

Clear communication, a good/supporting relationship, and showing appreciation and respect are great ways to hold on to your perfect babysitter. If you haven’t found the perfect babysitter for your family yet, Babysits is a great place to find qualified babysitters in your area. You can filter on the experience and requirements that your family needs and connect, screen, and book babysitters through Babysits!

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