Wednesday, 3 May 2023

Does Mewing Help Solve Mental Problems?

Mewing techniques are a very popular method of aligning your jaw and making your jawline more visible. Some people claim it can change the way your face looks. Additionally, aligning your jaw can help with many physical problems such as crooked teeth, bruxism, headaches, and much more. However, it is good to remember that the benefits of mewing don’t end on the physical side of your life. The technique can also be helpful with solving some mental problems. Read on to learn more.

Mewing Can Improve Your Self Esteem and Boost Your Mood

Many people consider a strong, visible jawline a sign of beauty and attractiveness. Mewing can strengthen your chin area, making you feel more desired, which can then boost your mood and increase your self esteem. Practicing mewing is also great if your jaw is misaligned. You might feel less attractive if your teeth stick out or if you can’t speak or eat properly because of the misaligned jaw. While in extreme cases surgery might be needed, many people can notice an improvement of those problems while regularly practicing mewing.

Improving Your Sleep Quality 

Sleeping is a crucial element of our daily life. It allows us to rest and gain energy. When you don’t sleep well or suffer from insomnia, you might quickly notice not only physical tiredness but also mental exhaustion. Mewing can reduce sleep apnea and teeth grinding while sleeping, which means that your sleep quality can drastically improve. When you get a good night of sleep, you restore your body and mind, being ready to face the following day. 

Mewing as a Mindfulness Technique

At the beginning, you need to focus on your mewing techniques to make the best out of your practice. You need to focus on the right position of your tongue and on your breathing. Focusing on the breath is a well known mindfulness technique that you can incorporate in your mewing practice. 

Treat mewing as a meditation session during which you focus on the here and now. Thanks to this, you can reduce your stress and anxiety. To turn mewing into a mindfulness practice, try to find a particular time, everyday, when you focus solely on this. Align your body before you start. You can stand or sit, but keep your posture straight, with your shoulders relaxed. 

After finding the proper tongue posture, switch your attention to your breath. You should not be able to breathe through your mouth. Breathe in and out only through your nose. While mewing, focus on your mouth. Try to experience the feeling of your tongue on the roof of your mouth. By focusing fully on this activity, you increase the chances of performing mewing correctly, and can forget for a moment about the stresses of the day. 

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