Thursday, 25 May 2023

Embracing The Traditional British Seaside Holiday

With most of the UK currently counting their pennies more than ever before, it's fair to say that far-flung tropical holidays will likely be a stretch too far for many families in 2023. But with the summer holidays looming - could a return to the traditional British Seaside holidays of our childhoods be just what the Doctor ordered? Whether it's a family road trip to Hampshire or a coastal holiday to take in the beautiful British scenery, the UK really does have something to offer everyone.

When I think back to my own childhood family holidays, my mind is flooded with memories of trying to keep my fish & chip supper out of the reach of greedy seagulls at the seaside and that familiar pitter-patter of rain on a caravan roof. Those may not sound like particularly magical memories, but to me they bring back feelings of comfort and familiarity. British Caravan and Lodge Holidays spent snacking on sticks of rock and collecting postcards from all of the tourist tat shops are surely a rite of passage, and one that our children would no doubt look back on just as fondly as any expensive foreign holiday.

Here in the UK we have an array of seaside destinations just a quick train journey away, with lots of traditional charm on offer. Here are some of my personal favourites:


The old-fashioned charm of Blackpool pier with it's many arcades combined with the more modern tourist attractions such as Madame Tussauds make this a holiday destination to suit all of the family. Whether its taking a horse & carriage ride down the Golden Mile while looking at the famous Illuminations, enjoying a fun-filled day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Nickelodeon Land or just spending a day making sandcastles on the beach and feasting on Harry Ramsdens Fish & Chips - Blackpool has something to offer everyone.

North Wales

Welsh seaside towns such as Rhyl and Prestatyn hold a very special place in my heart as these were the places we enjoyed caravan holidays every year during my own childhood. Although it has to be said that they don't quite live up to their former glory right now, there are still aspects of these seaside towns that remain just as magical as they always were. A day spent on the sandhills of Prestatyn beach will always be a day well spent as far as I'm concerned.

Devon & Cornwall

The English Riviera town of Torquay was another family favourite holiday destination from my own childhood, and one that I loved so much I actually relocated there as an adult! During the summer months, when you drive along the seafront and take in the sights and sounds of tourists enjoying cocktails and tapas with a seaview while children play happily on the sand you could easily be forgiven for thinking you'd found yourself in a Spanish holiday resort. The cafes and bars along the palm tree lined streets really are reminiscent of a trip abroad. 

Beyond Torbay, Devon and it's neighbouring county of Cornwall have an endless array of breathtaking beaches and beautiful holiday parks to suit every family with fabulous onsite entertainment and lots of tourist activities to keep you busy during the rainy days. 


A destination I have yet to personally visited but one that that those in the South of the country are fond of, Brighton's reputation for being a lively and vibrant seaside town with its finger on the pulse of pop culture and the latest trends makes it intriguing - particularly for those with hard-to-please teens and tweens in tow! An ice cream on it's pebble-covered beach after a day taking in the sights and sounds of the area would surely put a smile on even the grumpiest of faces.

If I've sold you on the idea of a traditional British seaside holiday, be sure to shop around for Cheap Caravan holidays and bag yourself a bargain break so that you can forget about the pressures of life for a while and focus on making memories with your family.

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