Thursday, 17 August 2023

How to create a cosy and inviting bedroom

Your bedroom is one of the most important spaces in your home. From recharging our bodies to soothing our minds, it’s important to have a cosy and inviting space you can’t wait to go and climb into every night. 

But how do you create a cosy and inviting bedroom? With a few simple changes, you can transform your sleep space into one of your favourite places in your home. Here are some easy, yet effective ways to make sure you get a better night’s sleep, in a relaxing space.  

Cosy up with textures

Texture is one of the easiest ways to add warmth to your space. They can also act as a fun design element too! 

Try layering your bed with different types of materials and colours. You may opt for flannel, cotton or bamboo sheets in a bold colour, like a burnt orange or mustard yellow, layered with a tufted or patterned bed cover in a deep blue or green, followed by a wool throw in a simple white or grey. 

Textures can play an important role through different seasons. In Winter, warm up your bed with an extra blanket or even a textured quilt cover - perfect for curling up in during the cooler months. 

But it doesn’t just have to be your bedding that gives your room texture. Rugs, curtains, blinds and even the material of your bed and furnishings can create different textures for a cosy and inviting bedroom. 

Create a warm look with colours

Colours are incredibly powerful, helping to transform your bedroom into a space that soothes and helps you unwind. Blue is often considered to be one of the most calming colours, with cooler tones better for relaxation. Neutrals, like beige, and even peaches and natural greens are also considered calming colours for a cosy home - they’re also easy to integrate into your existing space.

Aside from your bedding, you can also play with the colours of your decorations. One way to add a warm look to your room with colour is by adding artwork, changing lamp shades or including some feature pillows or throws. 

Think about your furniture and how it works in the space

Your furniture can have a big impact on just how cosy and inviting your bedroom feels. Furniture that is too big for the space can make the room feel crowded and chaotic, while beds, cabinets and side tables that are too small can make the room feel empty and uninviting. You’ll also want to make sure your furniture isn’t in the way of any traffic zones or windows!

Even the texture and material of your bed and other bedroom furniture can help shape the vision and design of your space. Wooden bed frames are a great way to add some warmth, while upholstered bed heads can help add texture and cosiness to a space. It’s all up to you and the feel that you want in your room. 

Finishing touches

It’s surprising how much the finishing touches can really transform your room. We’re not just talking about decor here - the finishing touches can also help increase the functionality of your space. Something as simple as adding a dimmer switch to your lights so you can adjust the tone and brightness of the room can help you feel like you can relax in your bedroom at any time.

When considering the finishing touches in your room, think about how you use the room. Are you someone who tends to get up during the middle of the night? Adding some motion-activated lights under your bed frame or a lamp switch in reaching distance can make all the difference. If you find that you struggle to get to sleep with light, then you might find that blackout curtains or blinds can make a world of difference. 

Consider your bedroom at different times of the year too. Do you get direct sunlight all year round? Is the room insulated or will you need extra heating and cooling methods? Will those blankets and sheets work in summer and winter? Having options allows you to have a cosy and inviting bedroom all year round, not just in the season you decided to switch up your decor.

Remember, everyone has their own version of cosy and inviting.

What feels cosy and inviting to you may be different to the next person, and that’s totally OK. When creating a bedroom you want to spend time in, the space should be what you like and is functional to how you live. Whether you prefer a minimalist design palette, or love to be surrounded by all of your favourite things, it’s up to you how you create your space. So, have fun with it!

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