Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Our Visit To Buckinghamshire

I remember last Summer when I was parent to a 3 year old, 1 year old and newborn...I noticed that all of my favourite bloggers had gone really quiet over the Summer. I read their threads in blog groups on Facebook all about how they were just too busy over the summer to keep up with their blog and I thought "That will NEVER happen to me...I'll never be too busy for my blog, I love it too much!"

Well...guess what?!


Even right this minute as I'm typing this, it's almost midnight and I haven't eaten dinner yet...but this is the only chance I will have to write all week as we have something planned every single day. Mostly because I cannot stand full days at home with the kids anymore because whenever we attempt it, they spend the full day fighting and generally driving me MAD...so for all our sakes, we have plans every single day until school starts next week!

Not having time to blog really sucks because we've been SO busy over the last couple of weeks that I have lots to write about. I considered doing one big post all about everything, but it would be too much so instead today I thought I'd share a bit about our recent trip to Buckinghamshire to visit my good friend Alex (Who you may know from her gorgeous blog www.bump-to-baby.com) and her family.

I say recent...it was actually 2 weeks ago, the time has flown over since we were there!

You may remember that at the beginning of Summer, Alex & her family came to visit us in Devon which was really lovely...and ever since then we've been trying to arrange a good time for us to go and visit them. The problem when you're both busy blogging mothers of multiple boys is that trying to find dates that work for everyone can be tough, but eventually we sorted it and off we went!

Buckinghamshire, in theory, is around 3 and a half hours away from us but as with every trip we ever take...it didn't quite work out that way thanks to road works and heavy traffic, instead it took around 5 hours and we eventually arrived at around 2 pm.

We spent an hour or so at Alex's house where Adam gave us a tour and the boys had fun wrecking Ethans bedroom and playing light sabre fights with Adam before we headed out to a lovely big park on a lake where there was a fairground.

It was a really beautiful area, and the boys all had so much fun on the rides - Jon & Adam got to take the biggest boys on the bumper cars much to their delight and Alex dragged persuaded me to go on the Waltzers...something I haven't done since I was around 16, when my friend and I would go to Southport fair, knock back bottles of 20/20 and ride the Waltzers until we were sick (#MisspentYouth).

I learnt a great lesson from my ride on the Waltzers...which is that fairground rides? Are for young people. My ever ageing body simply cannot handle being spun around ridiculously fast anymore and I felt sick for about an hour afterwards!! Alex was also not a fan (which I have evidence of in my video below!) but Ethan and Tyne, our 4 year olds,  LOVED it and put us completely to shame!

To be fair, although I hated the ride and the after affects it WAS a really good laugh so I'm glad Alex talked me into it even though I practically nearly died!

After our near death experience  ride on the Waltzers, we let the boys have a play in the park and took a quick photo by the lake (Easier said than done with FIVE little boys under 5!) before heading off to Las Iguanas for dinner....which was really nice, and our gang of little boys were actually pretty well behaved!

It was SO lovely spending time with Alex & Adam and their lovely boys, they are such a pleasure to be around and despite my social anxiety I somehow never feel awkward or worried about what to say or talk about with them...even when there are quiet moments they feel totally comfortable, which I think is a sign of a great friendship! (If you think this all sounds a bit strange coming from somebody who blogged about a lack of friends recently, bare with me...I've had some realisations about that which I'll be blogging about in the coming weeks)

It was also so lovely to see Tyne and Ethan playing so well together and forming their own little friendship - when we were talking about possibly trying to organise a holiday for all of us the boys were just SO cute plotting together with Ethan whispering to Tyne "Ask your Mum if we can go camping together!" - considering the fact that Alex & I first got to know each other through our blogs when we were pregnant with them, it just feels really surreal but lovely to see them running off together holding hands four years later!

After a lovely day with Alex and her family, we spent the night in a nearby hotel before heading off the following day to do a bit of shopping in Milton Keynes (their Primark makes me want to move there!) and then driving to nearby Great Missenden to visit the Roald Dahl museum, which I've written about over on my travel blog.

I'll be sharing some more about what we've been up to in August next week, but until then I hope you've been all enjoying your summer.

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