Thursday, 18 February 2021

Your Complete Guide to the Best Beach Cruisers 2021

Beach cruisers have become one of the most popular bike styles for recreational riding. The new year has seen the announcement of beach cruisers that have the precise features you need to ride in comfort at price points to match. Find out more about the latest electric beach cruisers for sale and how to get a bike that will support the way you prefer to ride and keep you pedaling throughout 2021 and beyond.

Ergonomic Frames To Ride In Comfort

One of the best features of beach cruisers is that these bikes are designed to be ridden in an upright position. The frame geometry of cruiser bikes and the positioning of the seat, handlebars and pedals are all important for ensuring the highest level of comfort on rides that cover any distance.

Depending on your mobility needs, you may prefer to get a cruiser designed with a step-through frame. The top tube on these bikes is often lower than other models to allow for effortless mounting. Many riders also appreciate frame sizes and pedal positions that make it possible to fully extend your legs as you ride and rest your feet flat on the ground while stopped.

Multiple Speeds for Elevation Changes

If you frequently ride on hilly terrain carrying heavy cargo, you may want to look for cruisers that have three, seven or 21 speed derailleurs. Bikes that have more chain rings and cassette cogs allow riders to dial in the most efficient pedaling cadence.

Cruiser bikes with more speeds are often more expensive than single-speed models. Budget-oriented buyers who want multiple gears should take a closer look at three- and seven-speed bikes. Ride further faster on a beach cruiser equipped with a 250-watt hour or 500W battery and an electric motor.

Ride Your Way With Optional Features

Many of the latest releases are accessories for cruiser bikes. Choose from a large selection of baskets, panniers and other cargo solutions. Whether you ride for fun or transportation, the right cargo accessories will keep your personal items safe. Handlebar headlights, turn signal lights and wheel lights can improve your ability to see the road ahead in low-light conditions and increase your visibility to drivers, riders or pedestrians on the road.

The latest bike computers feature innovative performance-tracking and navigation features. Many systems can be connected to sensors that you either wear on your body or mount to your bike. Depending on how you ride, you may prefer to invest in an all-in-one system or just use a mount to maintain access to your smartphone if you plan to use cycling applications or need to stay connected.

When you are shopping for a beach cruiser bike, look for a model with a frame sized to fit your height and weight. Riders who stick to relatively flat surfaces may be able to save money by seeking out a single speed model. You may prefer a multi-speed model if your rides have hills. Accessories for carrying cargo or options for seats, wheels, lights and other features make it easy to customize any cruiser.

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