Sunday, 1 August 2021

4 Cool Ways To Celebrate Your Teens Summer Birthday

This is my niece, Amelie. 

Amelie is turning 14 at the end of August, and her Mum is struggling for ideas to celebrate her birthday in a Covid-safe way...she wants to avoid indoor celebrations, and - of course - Amelie being a typical teenager is rather selective about what is and is not a suitable birthday celebration!

So I've been brainstorming some celebration ideas, and I've come up with a list that I think would encourage even the surliest teen to agree to.

Outdoor Cinema Night

An outdoor movie night is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday for a teenager, you can go all out with fairy lights and bunting to make the garden look pretty. A photo corner with photo booth props can add to the fun, and a Snack table with cinema-style popcorn, hot dogs and candy floss would be sure to go down well. You could even hire a slushy machine for home-style Tango Ice Blasts!

You could go for a simple approach with blankets and pillows on the ground, or splash out a bit on blow-up chairs or bean bags for extra luxury. Or maybe even spring for some funky garden hammocks or swing seats - Tropilex Hammocks have a fantastic and affordable range to suit all budgets.

Movie projectors are readily available to hire for the evening - this birthday celebration would certainly be Insta-worthy!

Pool Party

A great option for summer birthdays, hiring an outdoor pool for a few hours could be a great option. Bring your own pool floats, play some tunes, and provide some poolside snacks along with some cute birthday mocktails and you've got yourself a pool party celebration to remember.


Beach BBQ

Admittedly this option, whilst easy for us here in Devon, might not be so straight forward for those in more land-locked areas of the country but if you're close to a beach then an early evening BBQ with friends around a small firepit with some music would make for ideal chilled out birthday hangs. If BBQs aren't your thing, why not order some pizzas instead? I quite fancy the idea of doing this myself!

Festival At Home

You could bring the summer festival feel to your home to celebrate your teen in style. All you need is some music, hair chalks, glitter tattoos, extravagant accessories (think feathers and sequins!), inflatable instruments and some snacks and you've got yourself birthday festival vibes! 

I hope these ideas give you some inspiration to celebrate your teens summer birthday in style. If you're looking for some birthday gift inspiration, be sure to check out  - all of the outfits in this post are ones my niece absolutely loves, the quality and choice of styles is fantastic, offering great value for money.

*All items in this post from Femmeluxe were gifted

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