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Top Things To Do With Kids in London This Summer

When it comes to cities, London is something special. From culture and art to food and shopping there is something for everyone to enjoy. Its rich cultural diversity makes it the perfect playground for children to learn and explore. 


Of course, London is a big city and there is so much to do and see it can be overwhelming. So, we have rounded up some of the top things to do in the hope we can inspire you to visit London with your kids this summer to learn and explore. 


Help Them Improve Their English Skills

Learning to communicate with others from around the world through new languages will open a myriad of experiences for the rest of their lives. If you are looking a way to combine your holiday with learning, summer school is a great option. Skola offer a summer school in London for kids aged 6-16. They can learn or improve their English, make new friends from around the world and explore London at the same time. 


Museums, perfect for rainy days. London has some of the most interesting exhibits to explore. Most are free to enter and just ask for a small voluntary donation. There are many different museums across London, so you can find the perfect one for you and your kids.


Natural History Museum 

For your dino lover be sure to visit the roaring T-Rex in the dinosaur gallery. Or try out the earthquake simulator in Volcanoes and Earthquakes. Hang out with an extinct woolly mammoth in the mammal gallery and see how small you are compared to the life-size blue whale.


The Science Museum

For the budding scientist, this is the place to be. Visit the Wonderlab in the Equinor Gallery and travel through space or see lightning strike right before your eyes. Visit the new free exhibition this summer Our Future Planet. It will teach your kids about the new pioneering technologies being developed to combat climate change. 


The British Museum 

Kids will love it here especially if they have seen Night at The Museum 3. Grab a museum explorer trail or activity backpack and work your way around the galleries and cultural exhibits on display. Take a selfie with some mighty Roman emperors or hunt for mummies and hieroglyphics in the ancient Egyptian exhibit.



London is home to some of the world’s most iconic landmarks. The kids will love hearing about their rich history. Make a little project out of it too by taking pictures and getting the kids to write about each one when they return home. 


Buckingham Palace

You can’t visit London without seeing Buckingham Palace. Check out the Queen's guards in their tall hats and if the flag is flying you know the Queen is home. Each summer the state rooms are open for visitors to take a guided tour where you will hear stories and all about the history of the palace. 




Trafalgar Square

A great place to visit especially if the sun is shining. Years ago, the whole area was covered in pigeons that you could feed. Now it’s a lot cleaner! Take advantage of the photo opportunities here with its infamous lions and fountains. It is overlooked by the National Gallery another great place to visit and it's free to enter. 


The Tower of London and Tower Bridge

“Off with her head” – The Tower of London is such a fun place for kids. This is where Anne Boleyn wife of Henry VIII famously lost her head after failing to give him a son. Learn all about the guardians of the tower, the ravens and see the crown jewels. This summer the moat will be transformed into a beautiful field of flowers in honour of Her Majesty the Queens Platinum Jubilee.


Animal Attractions

For animal lovers, there are lots of places to visit in and around the town. For a budget-friendly option why not go to one of the many farms such or check out Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park. It's free and you can spot some of the local wildlife. 


London Zoo

Based in Regents Park London Zoo, you can get up close to some of the world’s wildest animals. Stop by and feed a gorilla their breakfast. Pay a visit to Land of the Lions. You will be transported from the heart of London to India’s thrilling Sasan Gir, where you can get closer than ever before to the mighty Asiatic lions.


London Aquarium 

Home of the UK’s largest jellyfish experience, the London Aquarium is home to some of the most breath-taking marine life. Learn about the importance of coral reefs in the coral kingdom and get up close to sharks in shark walk.  


As you can see London is a great place to take kids. It has one of the largest public transport networks providing easy access so you won’t find it hard to get to all these tops sights and attractions. Giving you more time to enjoy and have fun. 



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