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How To Start Training And Controlling Your Subconscious Mind

It is not unknown to our knowledge that the human brain is a powerful asset, a central operating system that drives your choices, emotions, imaginations, and how your body functions.   

However, as much as this system can help achieve and build the empire you desire, when conflicts arise, and things don’t go as planned, a tiny little thought spurs the inside of your head, making you think that there’s something wrong or that you probably don’t deserve what you’re aiming for. In other words, negative thoughts begin to kick in.

That’s your subconscious mind—the one in charge of reacting to everything that happens in your life—working against you.

It’s true. Sometimes your mind self-sabotages, making you feel stuck and unfulfilled. It happens when life circumstances seem to steer you away from the life you dream of, and it feels like things aren’t just meant for you.  

But what if you can debunk these self-constructed misconceptions just like hypnosis myths? What if you can reprogram your mind to be your friendly passenger and cultivate and train your subconscious to be the strongest weapon you can use to redesign your life?

In this article, you’ll discover the secrets of how to begin training and controlling your subconscious mind to help you shift directions and live out the best moments of your life.

Make The Shift  

  1. Begin With A Decision  

Like your other pursuits in life, the journey to training and controlling your subconscious begins with a decision. So, be clear on what you desire, know why you’re doing it, and then decide to do it. Conditioning your mind is crucial to achieving whatever goals you might have.

Clarity always equates to power. The clearer your goals and visions are, the stronger and more motivated you become. When you decide, you’re creating an invisible roadmap in your mind, which is a necessary tool to help you translate your visions into reality.

Do you aim for physical, financial, emotional, or spiritual growth and stability? Make that decision. Never settle for anything less than it, and set your mind straight to achieving that goal.

  1. Act On Your Decision

After making the decision, devise a plan on how you can realize that. Push yourself to take the necessary action, and the best way to do that is to commit yourself to it. When you decide to commit yourself to it, you submit yourself to doing everything you can to achieve your goal.

Your biggest enemy that can hinder you from taking action is the trap called ‘fear.’ It might be fear of failure, the unknown, rejection, or even pain. But remember: doing nothing won’t make the fear go away. It’ll remain to block your path as it grows bigger and slowly consumes you.  

You might be thinking it’s better not to do anything worse, but choosing that path also won’t do you any better. Fear will always be lurking at the back of your mind, poisoning your thoughts with ideas like, ‘I never would’ve made it anyway.’  

What you can do about it as you reprogram your mind is to face your fears head-on, look them straight in the eye, and tell yourself you’re going to do it. You might fail, but failure only helps you understand what doesn’t work. It enables you to get even better than you were before you started.  

  1. Assess The Results Of Your Decision  

After fully committing to your goals and acting on them, you should not forget to pause to reflect on and assess your situation. Ask yourself questions to identify where you are now and where your actions are taking you. Doing so allows you to look back on the road you took and get a peek at the future. Point out practices that work and those that don’t when issues come along the way, and think of a better resolution.

One critical aspect here is your brain’s ability to adapt and be flexible when specific limiting forces you don’t expect come. You don’t always have to be 100% in control of everything. Your journey might not always go as planned. But no matter what happens, you face your fears and failures and use them as your motivation to be better and strive for change.  

As long as you’re making progress, big or small, you’re on the right track. Roadblocks are inevitable but giving yourself time to assess the situation gives you the power to resolve it.  

Helpful Tips On Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind  

  1. Let Go Of What Limits You  

Sometimes, your past results may hold you back and give you a blurry vision of your future. But those are only limiting beliefs that keep you from getting what you want in life. Addressing these beliefs, letting go, and replacing them with empowering ones can make a lot of difference if you try.  

  1. Befriend Your Subconscious  

Your mind is not your enemy. Befriending it can get you the most mileage if you work with it instead of against it. Your subconscious plays important roles that can bring you wisdom should you only learn to acknowledge it rather than reject it.  

The trick is to be gentle and curious in every situation. Instead of beating your mind up for submission, try approaching it with gentleness as if it were your friend.  

  1. Unleash Your Mind’s Power Through Meditation  

Another tip is to slow down your thoughts to regain focus through meditation. This practice helps you bring your mind and body to act together to achieve your goals.

It may be a real challenge initially, but once you abide by the right amount of discipline, meditation becomes a good habit deeply ingrained in your mind helping you process your thoughts daily.  

Excellent additions to meditation are mantras, such as The Serenity Prayer, the self-assurance mantra, and the love-giving mantra, which help redirect negative thoughts into positive ones.  

  1. Replace Negativity With Gratefulness  

It might be challenging to do away with negativities, more so when you got used to them. But there’s always a way to counter bad habits. One best counter technique to fight negative self-talk and thoughts is to turn every negative idea that pops into your mind into gratitude statements.  

For example, instead of feeling irritated waking up to noisy surroundings in the morning, tell yourself, 'I’m thankful I’m given a chance to wake up today and experience one more day to live.' Choosing appreciation and gratitude always shines a light in every dark.

  1. Inspire Yourself Daily

Lastly, don’t forget to inspire yourself daily by counting small wins and achievements, small steps that lead you one step further to your bigger goals.   

You might get disconnected to your bigger plans from time to time, but taking time to look back at the things you accomplished so far and where you’re at at the moment puts you into perspective and gives you a daily dose of driving force to keep you going for one more day.

Closing Thoughts

Training and controlling your subconscious mind can be a powerful weapon that’ll lead you to a happy and fulfilling life. It may be challenging at first, but the battle to cast out negative thoughts will surely be fulfilling. You only need to commit to discipline yourself and focus on brighter things. Additionally, using this guide can help you work on your goals, leading you to live the life of your dreams.

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