Tuesday, 25 April 2023

4 Fun Activities For Bonding With Kids

Looking for fun and low-effort activities for bonding with your kids as they're getting older? 

Well look no further, I've got you covered. As my children are getting older, I've been finding it more of a challenge to encourage them to spend time together as a family and take a break from their video games and YouTube faves for long enough for us to really bond.

Gone are the days of Music With Mummy sessions and bedtime stories, and instead I'm faced with surly tweens who think they're too cool for everything and could have a masters degree in eye rolling!

But these four activities are my fool-proof way to ensure some quality time together, doing things that they'll enjoy which don't take loads of effort from me!

1) Make A Video With Them

My kids love nothing more than to emulate the YouTubers and TikTokers that they love to watch, so I can almost guarantee that they'll be up for anything if I just offer to let them film it and turn it into a video!

Now as my children are still quite young, they're not allowed to post on social media or share videos to YouTube just yet but this doesn't matter as they just enjoy the process of making and edit the videos. They use the CapCut app which they really enjoy, and they've managed to teach themselves some pretty nifty editing skills from playing around with it too.

One activity that my kids LOVE is to make a "Trying American Sweets" video - they absolutely LOVE American candy, especially if they can get their hands on some of the treats that their favourite American YouTubers show. So getting to make a video of us all trying them out and reacting to them is right up their street! We get a selection of American Food & Drink online and not only does it give us things to try for the video, but it also gives us lots of snacks for a movie night too - which is another activity that they're always up for!

2) Head To A Skate Park

Now I have to be honest, I'm no fan of the park - but my kids enthusiasm for a skate park knows no bounds! If I offer to head to the skate park with them, I can almost guarantee that they will happily put down their devices and walk there with me.

Yes this might mean I'm left carrying their skateboards around, but I do tend to get some nice chit chat out of them on the walk there and back - and while they're skating, I get to chill out in the sunshine for a bit too! Ideal!

3) Agree To Try One Of Their Video Games

My kids are obsessed with video games, it is genuinely their biggest love in life - and everyone wants to share their biggest love with those around them! So even though video games aren't something that interest me personally, I know that my kids always enjoy the chance to show me the characters they've created on Roblox or to help me have a go at playing myself. 

It's an ideal way to encourage some family bonding on their terms, by stepping in to their world and doing something that they love. 

4) Share Some Favourite Or Funny Music With Them

My eldest son is really interested in music lately, and I've found that he loves it when I show him some old favourite 90s rock videos on YouTube. He'll often spend hours watching them with me, asking me questions about the groups and laughing at some of the more cheesy videos I show him.

This is a great way to spend some time together, sharing stories and bonding over a shared interest if music is something your family enjoys.

I'd love to hear your own ideas for fun activities that promote bonding with kids, be sure to leave me a comment below!

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